Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Where'd I go?

I get depressed sometimes.  My knowledge that I am totally and completely awesome battles the part of myself that knows I could do better.  Overwhelmed and unwilling to let the depressed part of me win, I got lost in the woodwork.  I am still lost in the woodwork, if I'm being honest, but I'm tired of feeling defeated, ugly, and frustrated.

But I'm still here, and inspired by Roni's tips.  I'm going to share them verbatim here, but you should check out her blog.

5 Back to Basic Weight Loss Tips
I know many of you are waiting for me the "Rules" I mentioned a few posts ago. I’ve been thinking of them for sometime but so much of what I do is intuitive now it’s hard for me to collect my overall approach. That being said these are my 5 back to basics tips. I plan on getting more into details about my specific food choices but in my experience most people know what to eat (or what not to,) it’s just a matter of making the right choices on a consistent basis. These tips may help.
1. Food Journal the WHY
Nothing goes in the mouth you aren’t willing to write in the journal, And you better know why you are eating it! That’s the philosophy. When you are actively trying to lose weight food journaling is invaluable. It helps me pause before finishing food from the toddlers plate or grabbing a handful of Dorritos from the husbands bag because if I do, I’m going to have to write it. And if I write it what will I put in the "why" column? "Because it was there" is not a good enough reason to sabotage my goals.
2. Breakfast. Always!
Breakfast sets the tone for the day. I’m not going to tell you it revs your metabolism or quote some study about how important it is. That’s not what it’s about for me. Eating breakfast is symbolic. It’s about taking a moment to remind myself that I’m worth an extra 10 minutes to make an egg or warm a bowl of oatmeal. Life is so go go go, take time in the morning to breath and nourish yourself before all the craziness starts. It helps to have go-tos. For me it’s eggs, oatmeal or a smoothie. Of course every now and then I get creative but having consistent go-tos takes the guess work out of it.
3. No Snacks out of a Box or Bag
That’s pretty broad but it’s my way of saying "avoid processed foods." My pantry is a death trap. With a husband and 2 boys I have lots of grab-able temptations that seduce me when hungry, but when I’m activity trying to lose weight I skip the pantry and go for fruit, carrots sticks, yogurt, leftovers or make something like english muffin pizza. I’ve learned the act of preparing or making something is ultimately more satisfying then grabbing a quick processed snack every time.
4. Go To Bed Hungry
I may get some flak on this one but it works for me. When I go to bed on an empty stomach I feel great the next day. Light, energetic, ready to "break my fast" with one of my healthy go-tos. Alternatively, the morning after a binge or late night mindless munch I feel bloated, sluggish and really hungry the next morning which usually results in me eating something I regret or skipping breakfast all together. Starting the negative cycle all over again. It comes down to momentum and one night of snack skipping tips the scales in a positive (or do I mean negative?) direction.
5. Make Moving a Conscious Decision Daily
It’s not how many miles you run or how many hours you spend at the gym. It’s about making the conscious decision every day to do SOMETHING active. That may mean a walk today and a game of touch football tomorrow. It may be a run in the morning or a hike on the weekend. How about a day with the kids at a skating rink or a swim at the local pool. Every day find some way to move. Make it a non-negotiable and you may be surprised where it takes you.

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