Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Current Weight: 257.2

To return after so much weight gain is hard. There's not much I know how to say about my weight right now. Along with my loss of control, I've also lost my words. They're related, of course. Without reflection and mindfulness, I lose control, and gain an excessive amount of weight. I am now heavier than I have ever been before, and I don't like how my body feels when I move.

I've been an emotional mess lately. Law school is challenging. What is more challenging for me, though, is not having a clue of what I want to do after law school. Without a dream to strive for, I've felt lost and have acted accordingly - lazing around without willpower and not trying.

So, I hope to make a new goal for myself - not career related. I would like to lose weight and become a healthier me - for my wife, for my future children, and for myself.

My goal: lose 1.5 pounds a week through exercise & eating healthy food (& unhealthy foods in moderation). This goal will need to really wait until next week (after I'm done with my last final), but I can make strides before then.

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