Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Workout: At the office

The key to my 50 pound weight loss almost three years ago was a daily work out before work. I hurt my foot and had to stop, and once it was healed enough, it was hard to start again. I now work longer hours and going to the gym that early has not worked for me.

Thankfully I work in a laid back office and can walk to my appointments and during my lunch break. I try to walk an average of a mile a day - easy when I get to walk to appointments, hard when I skip my lunch. But walking doesn't burn the calories I need to lose weight.

Sure, I need to change my eating habits too, but those morning work outs were more than about burning calories. It was a time to myself that I used to think. Plus, those heart healthy work outs just made me feel good - strong, and ready to conquer the world.

So, a balance. I bought an elliptical cheap off craigslist and trying to balance walking with the elliptical - all the while still with a bum foot. Hopefully this will be the good balance I need. And even if it isn't, the walks I've been taking are beautiful. But goodness it's hot in Sacramento...

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