Friday, April 27, 2012

Self medicate

I don't know why Sears got to me today, but after holding for 45 minutes I was DONE and I was grumpy. I went to the back of our office and ate one of the bagels I had heroically been avoiding all day. Before I ate another one, I stepped outside and took a break.

My co-worker also works for Pepsi and gave me a can of Pepsi Next earlier in the day. I took the soda treat and sat in the grass. I don't drink much soda normally, so it was a nice treat along with the beautiful day and accordion player practicing his great music in the park.

I am glad I identified my self medicating with food and left the scene of the crime. I hope this bad mood won't translate into complete food abandonment at dinner later tonight, though. I guess since the goal of this blog is to hope less and do more, I'll say that I'll be physically and emotionally happier not being stuffed with food. And it's so amazing a miracle that food can sustain us and give us the energy to live.

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