Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekly Weigh: 224.8

Weight: 224.8
Loss from last week: -0.4
Total weight loss: 0.6

I showed up.  I'm in the game.  Sure, a half pound loss isn't exactly spectacular, but it's a loss and I'm thankful for that.  I think I'll be more excited when I am out of the 220s and can begin to believe that I'm living on the path that I love, rather than fluctuating between 224.6 to 225.4.  I'm tired of that place I've been for the last four or five months and I'm ready to feel healthy again.

Skipped my morning work out today.  After such a busy weekend, I wanted some sort of luxury, and sleeping in with my wife felt luxurious.

I've been having trouble coming up with vegetarian calorie-friendly meals that leave me full.  But I have lunch and dinner made for today, and I'm excited to start moving full-speed ahead this week.  Today is rice with peanut satay sauce with roasted onions and sweat potatoes, and a banana for a snack.  Tonight is a fresh and local salad with asparagus, avocado, tomato, and cucumber.  I'll probably add in some other snack after class because - to be honest - I doubt that'll keep me full for long.  Too bad I didn't marinade some tofu!

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