Saturday, April 28, 2012

Workout: Gardening

Rare April showers have been hitting Sacramento, and now our front yard is a mess with weeds growing everywhere.  Sacramento is known for some killer heat, and it's supposed to hit 84 degrees today.  It's thankfully a dry heat in Sacramento, but I quickly have sweat rolling down my face if I'm out there too long.

Thankfully it wasn't too hot this morning as I my dirt-covered body twisted the tall weed's root systems out of the wood chips and dirt.  Listening to podcasts keep me entertained during the cathartic process of pulling weeds, but after about an hour my body was exhausted from the twists and turns.  Already I feel my side muscles, and tomorrow I'm sure that my legs will be complaining.

It's good to be active again, after a week of taking it easy.  But now I'm starved!  I'm having some homemade iced tea now (thank you old spaghetti sauce!) and lunch must come soon!

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